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I just don't see how that is even enforceable?

That relaxed policy may be extended to other airports accepting international flights, where you can opt for a test and a shorter quarantine. No one would have known that they were supposed to be quarantined.

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Are they going to make you wear some kind of GPS devices so they know where you go. Then I text Euphoria or XO to have someone come over to spend an hour with. Flying in to Alberta Calgary and getting escorts stockton Montreal would be pretty much ridiculous.

I know acquaintances who came back from a cruise trip few months back during the early part of the pandemic and were asked to stay home for self quarantine for couple weeks. This quarantine thing is a joke. Give me a break.

They pretty much ignored the whole damn quarantine thing. I keep reading about how certain countries and states require visitors to self quarantine for two weeks after arrival. Can someone enlighten me how the self quarantine can be enforced.

I can easily call one of the agencies to send someone to my place one hour a day technically without going out. Yet, but if so I have not heard.

I'd like to find out how that can work. With the exception of Alberta I think, I saw them in the grocery stores few days later. Would I still be considered in a quarantine because I don't go out.

Oh, please don't tell me it montreap on the honor system. Let say you fly into MTL and is asked to quarantine for two weeks.

The quarantine policy makes no sense whatsoever. Does that count as being in a quarantine.

The quarantine thing is absurd!