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Some of you in the community are fortunate If the foster kids are state property why was the FBI called in late. How many times dose a case worker make contact with the kids in foster care in 60 days.

Answer this questions. There has to be changes in the system these are still children so i ask chief Jon walker!

I asked the following questions. People in the area said that they never seen the children in the area since they moved in. Please please help. Jon Walker when you say that you don't have the resources to look for bakersfiepd kids in the desert is there something you are not telling us.

Male escorts mn is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer in her liver and is currently -LITERALLY- fighting for her life in Mexico where she is receiving very expensive alternative treatment not covered by insurance. I also contacted kern county social services and i never received a fr. The children removed from there house that are placed in foster care have a higher chance of being abuse while in the foster care system a 2nd time while in foster care.

He may be confused. She has been very active in our community, literally NONSTOP in serving all needing help from animals to people with her latest work being a volunteer at the new low barrier shelter?

Contact s are on the flyer. I would like to ask you chief. His car was found near Castaic Lake b******* his wallet and phone in the car.

Some possible sightings in the San Fernando Valley but none have been verified for sure Please share and any help would be SO appreciated. When was the last time that social services did a house call to check on the kids! Jon walker if it was your kids would you have the man power to locate your kids are would you give up on them?

Her GoFundMe is doing ok but the treatment is sooooo expensive.